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Does anyone care anymore? Did anyone ever @zerowastescotland

Updated: Nov 14, 2018





The future is designed by our actions today.

Fascinating talk #bigpicture #longtermthinking - this relates to @uwsdigital MARKSTRAT thinking as well - everything just wants to go back to nature - it's all one big giant metabolism - how can we redefine waste as a resource?

Life cycle changes are rife and we are not thinking beyond the end our our noses right now. A convincing argument against and for re


#humanpoo (seriously. unfortunately)


The economy is set up to not value the environment and it's addicted - like #facebook #dopamine and the dynamic environment

Humans have a need for SOMETHING - everything is interconnected - and the role of design is everyone's responsibility and #mindfulnessconsumption is the key to sorting this.

What's the value proposition.......... what do we value?

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