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Goodbye Ivanka - your stuff #fastfashion won't be missed

So - her fashion line is gone. Her Father is questionable and her reviews are dodgy. According to reviews, she used poor quality, cheap fabric and charged a premium.

Doesn't sound like good value for money to me.

This is an excellent review of #authenticity https://www.fastcompany.com/90208079/stop-buying-crap-and-companies-will-stop-making-crap

Are you really thinking about what you're buying? It's not a bargain if you don't need it.

H&M - Primark - New Look

Take a look - interesting to see @forever21 only lasted a few years in Glasgow

There are several CICs (Community Interest Companies) who look at "old" inventory and take lightly worn clothes to help avoid fast fashion and help people who need it - you can look at www.apparelxchange.co.uk which keeps school uniform out of landfill or https://www.alicas.co.uk which supports women leaving abusive relationships and delivering a free capsule wardrobe - #tagson

So many of us buy stuff and it sits in the back of the wardrobe - maybe a donation to make use of it? #antifastfashion

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