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I've been quiet - but this post is a smasher :)


#fastfashion is #fucked

Or fecked as we say in Ireland.

This is a hard one. I LOVE ASOS. Mty maternity clothes were H&M because no-one else stocked them in store. My sister is a fashion graduate. I love shoes. And thankfully I have the same shoe size as my late shoe fanatic mother (yay) - rather have her here, clearly - but my shoe collection now has hit the 200's.

I've said before that my daughter is the best dressed child in the village, which has nothing to do with me or her Dad (DH) but her very stylish Great Aunt, Granny and Aunties who shower her with clothes. And they're not from Tesco. She doesn't even need anything because most of the week she's in a school uniform, a swim suit or a dance uniform (or a bloody Elsa costume. Shimmer and Shine also feature regularly, as does Minnie Mouse) but they love doing it so I #letitgo. So to speak.

But this is very interesting. There's been so much change in the high street and there's no sign of it stopping.

The fact that there's so much waste and throw away stuff (I'm in £12 Morrison's skinny jeans that are 6 months old and the lycra is #fecked says something).

So. What should I do with these jeans? I admit I have lost weight (thank you, pernicious anaemia - not - hence the radio silence. You'll be wishing it back any time soon when I'm back with a vengeance). But how do I square #circulareconomy with needing to buy something that fits and re purposing these in a year when I swore I would buy nothing?

Post all my clothes to my sister and get her to alter them? Just wear stuff that's hanging off me?

Thoughts people?

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