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Measuring effectiveness


Interesting article from #marketingweek around #effectiveness

I'm new to @digitalmarketing at @uwspaisley and finding it very easy to go down a rabbit hole of information and not getting much clear direction or data out of it.

The easy thing is to do the easy thing - however the more effective and more valuable thing is to do the hard stuff so as effective digital marketers, this is what we need to challenge ourselves on.

And it's about the long term, not the medium and definitely not the short term. Life is so busy these days it's hard to see beyond the end of your nose and what you're planning to have for dinner this evening, but effective marketers have a long term plan and can see the bigger picture.

For @apparelxchange.co.uk we will be setting hard KPIs this week in terms of hits/conversions and finally - cash being king - the amount of money we need to bring in every month


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