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So.... Introducing ApparelXchange.co.uk - what's this all about?

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

https://www.apparelxchange.co.uk is a CIC #communityinterestcompany which has the mission (a wanky term, however it's well meant) to avoid waste and make sure that #schooluniform that's fit for purpose doesn't end up in landfill

Tagline (clever) #schooluniformthatdoesntcosttheearth

Having sorted approx 2000 pieces of uniform myself - it might be 4000 - who's counting? #myheadisspinning I can cheerfully report

1. Pinafores are ok. Girls are easier on clothes than boys (maybe sexist and a #trump level generalisation. but true).

2. Trousers are a nightmare. Knees = gone. Arses gone. In general.

3. Mrs Erikson is a fussy bugger. I'd have bought loads of stuff that we re purpose... but she's super focused on quality. How can you compete with this however?

4. This is for a very good reason. We can't sell this stuff for less than the supermarkets..... How on earth could we? So, this needs to be about being sensible, being kind, wanting to be sustainable and caring about your children's future.... which - yep you probably should be interested in, if you're buying school uniform.

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