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The end of #spon #influencers?

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Word of mouth better than sponsored posts? I've always been the one in the baby group, trying to build a support network; the one saying "I'll add you to the @Whatsapp group - give me your number" - communication is key as is building trust.

I don't think I'm an #influencer. What I am is a mother (amongst other things), in a city with no family and I need help to navigate my life. (My husband is pretty useful, but we are on our own and it usually feels like we're throwing shit at a wall to see what we're supposed to do).

I'm also that person who dragged herself out of bed to get to a bounce and rhyme session with my very small baby because I knew I needed to get talk to people who were going through the same stuff as me - and I needed emotional support.

And I found out about all these people who then became friends through word of mouth.

A casual - "oh - you should talk to Catriona - she likes the same stuff as you"

"oh - you should speak to Kate - her husband does the same job as you" are all very valuable, but at the time, throwaway comments.

Word of mouth is ALWAYS going to be more reliable and effective than paid search, very obvious PR or advertising. Of course it is - you trust your friends, right? They're on the same page as you and they won't sell you a dud.

Why would I trust someone's review, response or writing when I know they're being paid to do it, especially in this era of life is too fast, things move and we are encouraged to buy things we don't need, that ultimately end up in landfill?

It's time to manage this better - there is too much stuff.

In my next blog, I'll talk about a legend called Marie Kondo - and here's some more reading - credit to https://www.gq.com/story/marie-kondo-purge-diary

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